I'm a product designer and a recognized thought leader in HCI. Over a decade of industry experience, I have cultivated an empathic and human-centered approach while driving tangible business results. I have designed and launched successful products with large organizations and innovated with startups to roll out new ventures worldwide.

As a lead product designer at Meta's Horizon Workrooms, I solve complex problems relating to the next generation of VR/AR-enabled hardware and productivity applications. Recent projects include Magic Rooms (featured by Mark Zuckerberg at Connect 2022) and many AR-based interaction patterns shipped in the new Meta Quest Pro.

Before, I was part of the founding team at Wonder, where my contributions to product design and strategy leadership were key in bringing the company from an early-stage venture to product and design maturity. At Samsung's mobile R&D, I led and managed cross-functional design teams, developing key software and hardware products such as Samsung's first smartwatch and Samsung OS redesign (TouchWiz).

I have written and spoken about product design and emerging technologies internationally and collaborated with leading researchers to co-found the cross-disciplinary research non-profit The Metagovernance Project.

Drop me a line if you'd like to chat about anything regarding design, technology, or anything you're excited about.